AI powered work allocation and ‘What-If’ Analysis
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What is TeamPeak™?

TeamPeak™ is a web-based software suite that simplifies scheduling for projects both large and small. We offer two versions of TeamPeak™ – TeamPeak™ Personal and TeamPeak™ Business. Our patent-pending algorithms and analytics simplify your project management, juggle your costs and tasks, and save you time and money. You set the urgency. You set the importance. You input details about team members. TeamPeak™ does the rest. You save 15-25% of your project’s time and costs. You get an optimized team schedule that saves you money and “mints time.”

The Problem? Scheduling it Right

Team scheduling is often the most cumbersome part of managing a project, whether an event, a student-group project, or a complex enterprise deliverable. Poor scheduling can lead to cost overruns, missed deadlines, unhappy team members, and a firefighting-style, stressful workplace. When urgent tasks take precedence, truly important tasks don’t get done. A project manager might struggle to juggle many variables:

  • Each task has its own levels of urgency and importance
  • Tasks are interdependent
  • Team-members have preferences for certain tasks
  • Team-members have good chemistry with certain other team-members (or not)
  • Team-members might even be in different time zones

The Solution? TeamPeak™

Inside TeamPeak is a simple questionnaire. The project manager specifies a project’s tasks, specifies the urgency and/or importance of each task, then adds information about and preferences for each team member. TeamPeak does the rest, using advanced mathematical techniques to optimize schedules for the whole team. You get your output in a user-friendly format that you can read into your favorite project management tool: iCal or JSON. Results? Happy teams, fewer delays and cost overruns, money saved.