Scheduling for hospitals with ‘What-If’ Analysis

Currently used by a medical group consisting of 30 odd physicians and support staff, serving four 500-bed hospitals and 2 nurseries.

Achieved 20% savings on OPEX costs


A medical group consisting 30 odd physicians and support staff which serves four 500-bed hospitals and 2 nurseries were seeking for a platform that would schedule the staff visits.


Hospitals and nurseries are geographically separated, and have different requirements.

Scheduling Constraints

The system had to account for:

  • Minimum number of physicians, healthcare & support staff at each facility
  • Minimum and maximum hours of coverage per day
  • Minimum number of weekends of coverage
  • Maximum number of consecutive weekends of work


The software doesn’t need HIPAA compliance as it is part of administrative software. It relieves physicians’ onerous and thankless task of scheduling shifts and out-of-hour call. Doesn’t cause any disturbance to current physician and support staff’s routines, and integrates well with existing IT infrastructure. It can also work as a stand-alone system. Dynamically responds to changes and recommends alternate solutions in under 5 seconds.

Handles last minute time-offs or sudden changes to schedules. Helps define ‘affinity’, so groups of people with complementary skills set can always be scheduled together. Efficiently schedules multiple people across geographically separate facilities while ensuring min/max staffing and number of hours requirements. Scheduling can be done at a very granular level. Addresses all requirements while saving 20% OpEx costs.