Frequently Asked Questions

What does TeamPeak do?

TeamPeak optimizes project scheduling better than anyone’s guess. It minimizes project time and costs, and creates team schedules and cost histograms.

What makes TeamPeak unique?

TeamPeak considers human and technical factors across all team members and all tasks. It balances important tasks with urgent tasks, as well as team members’ schedules and preferences.

How do I use TeamPeak?

After following the simple signup process for a 20-day free trial, you are taken to a screen where you specify all tasks, “doers” and their attributes/preferences: schedule and availability, preferences, hourly rate, time zone, and so on.

I'm defining my project's tasks. What is the difference between Urgency and Importance?

TeamPeak balances urgent tasks with important tasks, so the important tasks don’t slip through the cracks. An urgent task is like fighting a fire. It has to be done. An Important task is like making your house fireproof, or buying a fire extinguisher for the kitchen. It moves you (or the project) into the future. Both matter – but unless you plan your time right, you can spend too much time on Urgent tasks, and not enough on Important ones.

How do I integrate TeamPeak software with my existing workflow?

TeamPeak allows you to specify the format of your output so you can use it with your existing scheduling tools (icalendar, X format, JSON).

Who uses TeamPeak?

Our current clients include software contracting companies, people managers who work for Fortune-500 companies, and even some small teams managing projects in a loosely coupled manner without a full-time project manager. And… you.

How can TimeMint's profesional services help me?

TimeMint’s Profesional Services division provides a machine-learning-based service that analyzes previous projects in your organization. Using the success criteria you define, we deduce your most likely success parameters for future projects.

How exactly does TeamPeak minimize my net project costs and time?

TeamPeak uses advanced mathematical techniques to optimize up to 24 task and people parameters that a human possibly cannot. Within all the specified constraints, it finds the best possible team-wide schedule, typically saving 15-25% in project time and cost.

How many projects can I optimize per month using TeamPeak?

You can optimize up to 25 projects per month. Each project can span up to a year.