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Scheduling for Hospitals with ‘What-If’ Analysis

Currently used by a medical group consisting of 30 odd physicians and support staff, serving four 500-bed hospitals and 2 nurseries.
Achieved 20% savings on OpEx costs.

AI/ML Driven Scheduling for Workload Management for an Insurance Company

Helped the company with data extraction, integration and AI/ML analysis.
Generated upto 20% savings in OpEx.

Optimized Production & Distribution Capacity, & ‘What-If’ Analysis

Optimized transportation, logistics, production, and distribution capacity using scenario analysis.
Maximized profit by optimizing time and cost models simultaneously.

AI-powered Combined Delivery & Transportation Scheduling with ‘What-If’ Analysis

Mitigated scheduling inefficiencies eliminating drudgery. Maximized profit by optimizing resource, time & cost models simultaneously.
Achieved 15% savings on OpEx costs.