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TimeMint Inc.

TimeMint Inc. is a software, media, and services company located in Silicon Valley, California. TimeMint is founded by veterans in the fields of optimization and scheduling. We are led by a seasoned executive team with several decades of cutting-edge technology experience leading high-value teams at startups and Fortune 500 companies.


TeamPeak, our flagship product suite, offers automated task and member allocation for teams, small and large.
Our professional services division provides data analytics on your past projects to find customized answers to what makes a project successful in your organization.

Our Team

Prachi Jogalekar


CEO of a stealth mode startup, who is delivering groundbreaking AI-driven technology that successfully optimizes OpEx and CapEx in complex organizational structures with dynamically changing constraints. Currently leading teams with extensive expertise in project management, modeling, and analysing “what-if” scenarios of workflows and logistics.

Mangesh Mahajan


Mangesh is known as one of the sought after expert in Ai, Exchanges, SAAS and NLP. He is known for some of the early algorithms & models in Micro-reflexivity and use of quant Ai. Mangesh has successfully started software companies and exited out of it. He is considered as a expert VC for SAAS companies in California.